About Us

TRAC is The Really Active Club, the club for people who enjoy all sorts of outdoor and social activities.
We have members from Wakefield, Leeds, York, Goole, Huddersfield, and many places in between. 
But it doesn’t matter where you live, if you are prepared to travel to any of our events you will always be welcomed.

It’s the club for people who believe there’s more to life than watching telly but don’t want to dedicate their spare time to a single activity. The focus of the group though is walking. Walks range from the really gentle poddle to more strenuous long distance walks. But we don’t just walk. We’ve been pot holing, had holidays in Scotland and Ireland, gone to the theatre, been go karting, had cheese nights and quiz nights, gone on weekends to youth hostels, tried skiing and wind surfing (but not at the same time), had barbeques and parties….. in fact you name it – we’ve probably done it!!!


TRAC – The group that doesn’t just walk. 

Our events are run by our members. If you have a favourite walk or other activity you are invited to put it on the next programme. Why keep it to yourself?!

Need more information? Have a look at our join page or get in touch at contact<<no spam>>@yhatrac.org.uk


Meet some of our committee






Jackie - Chair
has been Chairperso of TRAC for many years and enjoys the many varied walking and social events the club offers.

Christine - Secretary
Christine is our valued Secretary and corresponds with members of the Group and is ably assisted by Paul and both enjoy their coffee and cake! And...

Luisa - Treasurer
Luisa is our treasurer and runs the books superbly! Helped by our team of auditors ready for the AGM reports. All expenditure and income is TRACed...

If you want a long walk Damian is your man and he takes excellent photos of the events too!